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4C Claimant Grading System

All our precious stones are examined and verified by a registered diamond valuer and accredited gemmologist from the German Gemmological Institute in Idar-Oberstein (www.dgemg.com). Each stone which is purchased comes with its own certification of authenticity from an accredited expert in the field.

We use the 4 Cs Claimant Grading System on our Tanzanite gemstones: Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut.

Carat (Karat)

The sizes of our gemstones range from 2 carats to our exclusive sizes of 42 carat and over.

Clarity (Klarheit)

Our Tanzanite gemstones are absolutely ‘eye clean’.

Color (Farbe)

The dark blue gemstones have a pleochroism (multiple color reflection) of the colors marine blue, green-yellow, magenta, and purple to red-violet.

Cut (Schnitt)

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Antik Baguette Brilliant Cushion Marquise Oval Pear Trillion Fantasie
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