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The beauty and fascination of precious Tanzanite stones especially for you.


Ars Gemmeus is a company specializing in Tanzanite gemstones of the finest quality.

All of our gemstones have been examined and verified by
a registered, qualified gemmologist from the German Gemological Institute in Idar-Oberstein.

We also offer exclusively the International Highline Jewellery “von Eysselberg Collection” designed by the Countess Juana von Eysselberg.

The von Eysselberg Collection is also listed on www.tanzanitefoundation.com.
Your jeweler in Mannheim with high-quality jewelry from our own creation.

Ars Gemmeus - Diamond Arts • Q4, 18 Passage • 68161 Mannheim • Telephone: +49 (0)621.29996515 • info@arsgemmeus.com
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